Adapting NZ Pasture Systems and Technologies to Offshore Enviroments

Today New Zealand farmers operate in a completely unsubsidized economy. Agricultural production in New Zealand was the first country that had no protection from imports from any part of the world. As an exporting nation that is exposed to international market, New Zealand agribusinesses realize that if they cannot keep up with world’s best practice they will not be financially viable. This is as true for dairy and beef industries.

Dairy Solutionz (NZ) ltd (DSL) and Beef Solutionz (BSL) have spent over 4000 person days on the ground around the world since 2007, undertaking extensive physical and financial examination of existing and potential dairy and beef regions. These visits included discussions with leading dairy sector policy makers, leaders, investors, farmers and stakeholders. DSL and BSL have gained valuable knowledge of local conditions, the climatic and soils environment, technology sophistication, forage and animal genetics and operating skill levels.

DSL and BSL have combined these insights with its knowledge of comparable international dairy and beef farming systems and sector structures. DSL and BSL have global expertise in “pasture plus” based on farming systems implemented in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand.

The team is also part of the Tropical Dairy Group with access to a catalogue of heat tolerant ‘Slick’ genetics across multiple breeds, developed in both New Zealand and USA. The use of semen or embryos enables farms to ramp up production faster than relying on purely natural mating, while slick cattle have improved performance over non-slick breeds.

In addition to New Zealand and USA, the team is active in South-East Asia and Australia, Middle East, Africa, and Central/South America. Moreover, DSL and BSL have deep insight into the dynamics of national and international dairy markets and trade.

Dairy SolutioNZ and Beef SolutioNZ is a technology transfer business that designs, and integrates best of breed technologies for large scale offshore pastoral farms, using world-leading, low-cost technologies, systems and expertise. Farming and processing opportunities are developed in partnership with substantial in-country agribusinesses. Wherever sensible the solution will involve New Zealand suppliers who offer superior pasture, technology, service and skills, and can successfully operate internationally.

Dairy Solutionz (NZ) Ltd’s Colombian-Kiwi Farm Engineer Nelson Medina, explaining the kiwi farm system set at Obonuco to Mr. President of Colombia, Dr. Juan Manuel Santos

Paul Gibson – A kiwi dairy & trainer farmer at Obonuco milking shed